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My Experience

I learned from experience that with ADHD things were not always as it seemed...

I had no idea why I couldn't focus at school or when I was being taught one to one at home. I could read but only for as long as I could stay focused. There were occasions where there was times my mind had a way of working that often amazed me... Years past and I went to to University to study Psychology Criminality Crime and Deviance and Psychology the biological approach and towards the end of the studies I couldnt leave home due to being pregnant and the fumes on the road made me ill, so I didnt complete it and I was so disappointed in myself...  I tried again 6 months after my daughter was born and I went to study Health and Social care at another university... however there was an occasion my brain just decided to stop working... this happened on and off throughout my schooling throughout primary and aecondary school. As a child and I was faced with the same issue for the second time and didn't finish my studies again... I didnt allow myself enough time to feel disapointed that time but looking back at it now I was dealing with post-natal depression and as well as trauma and although it went undiagnosed or detecteted I saw the effects it had on my every day life which caused issues in regards to knowing where I fit in this gift called life... A few years later I went on to study a diploma in Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which highlighted much of what I was going through, however didn't answer the bigger question 'WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME? One afternoon I was at the end of my tether and I remember hearing the letters A.D.H.D cross my mind. I went to research what it was all about and it was as if my brain had just been kissed...

All the questioning, the confusion and frustration all made sense... the trauma I went through  from childhood onwards manifestested with symptoms identical to ADHD and some times ADD.

 I learned so much about myself in that time, I got therapy, took time to heal and chose to unbelieve all the lies I believed about my ability to learn.

I remember when a question was put to me that challenged me in a huge way... It went like this: Nadine, imagine... if you felt like that for all those years, how many other people must be feeling the same way... It was at that point where I was able to identify how much this issue has caused so much mayhem in peoples lives such as: misdiagnoses, misunderstanding, criminalisation, causing smart and intelligent people to give up on themselves and their dreams all because of the lack of awareness on their unique thinking and learning difference...

So I began to dedicate my time to research ADHD and find out as much as I could. 

I went on to study ADHD and consultancy, and I'm now a qualified in understanding and (standardised) assessing ADHD in adolescents and adults.

I aim to encourage those who may have struggled with learning and may just need that nudge in the right direction by offering support, assessments and advice that will shed light on the path to where they want to be...

I look forward to working with you!


Nadine Alexander

Managing Director at Uniquely Patterned Minds™


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